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Basket Gallery Valentine's Day

Click above gallery link to view our unique style and look of our gift baskets. All colors and themes are customized to your specifications. Thank you for continuing our 28 plus year tradition!

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1. Balloon Bouquet

 Six 11” latex and three 18” mylar balloons anchored with a bag of mixed candy $35.98
(Latex Balloons laced with Hi-Float will remain up for 1 to 5 weeks)

2. Sweets & Treats Basket

This arrangement is filled with two boxes of Brent & Sam’s Cookies, two bags of Zapp’s Potato Chips (from New Orleans!), an 8 oz. bottle of Coke, Dillon’s handmade candies, nuts, homemade chocolates, snack mix and other goodies! (Some items change upon availability)

• Standard $39.98 • Large $49.98 • Deluxe $59.98 & up

3. Gourmet Basket

Natural wicker basket filled with creamy cheese, summer sausage, crackers, nuts, chocolates, cookies, etc. wrapped in cellophane and beautiful bow on the outside.

• Large $49.98 • Deluxe $74.98
Add Sparking Cider-$5.00

4. Corporate Basket

Wonderful salty and sweet treats for all large groups or that one special client. They are presented in a fabulous arrangement that is sure to please.  We add a little bit of everything, or you tell us what they like.

• Standard $49.98 • Deluxe $74.98 • Grand Deluxe $99.98

5. Coke and Snack Pack

This arrangement is created out of a classic Coke carton filled with three 8 oz bottles of Coke, Planter’s nuts, Oreo cookies, Pistachio, Chips Snack Mix &  Chocolates topped off with one Mylar Balloon.


6. Fruit Basket

A wicker basket overflowing with an assortment of your recipient’s favorite fruit, which can include chocolates, nuts, and other goodies at request. (Fruit available: oranges, apples, pears, bananas, grapefruit, pineapple, and much more)

Standard $39.98 Large $49.98 Includes nuts & other treats Deluxe $74.98 & up

7. Old Fashioned Ice Cream Float

Soda glass filled with candy, topped with rows of assorted chocolates and a scoop of  “whip cream” and two 11” latex balloons and of course the cherry on top! $29.98 *

8. Relaxation Basket

An assortment of bath essential items to create a relaxing atmosphere for anyone to de-stress and make time for themselves. (Items can include: scented bath salts, body lotion, mineral foot soak, body wash, body scrubbers, candles, soaps etc.

Standard $49.98 Large $59.98 Deluxe $79.98 & up

9. Worlds Best Cake Package

An eight inch round yellow cake with butter cream frosting or chocolate cake with fudge frosting that includes 10 plates, 10 forks, 1 knife that is wrapped in festive cellophane with ribbons and a decorative bow, and topped off with two 11” latex balloons.    $49.98 *

10. Death- By-Chocolate

Clear container packed with Oreo cookies, Snickers, Reese’s peanut butter cups & kisses & one 18" mylar balloon $29.98

11. Ceramic Tea Pot Arrangement

Choose one of our beautiful ceramic teapots and we will add herbal tea, honey, tea, cookies, and other goodies fit for any lady of special taste.

Standard $49.98 Large $59.98 Deluxe $69.98

12. Special Delivery!

A super soft stuffed animal, baby momentos, such as: a picture frame, booties, money banks, and books, edible goodies for the new parents and family, are arranged in a pretty basket with a large bow and cascades of ribbon.

Standard $39.98 Deluxe $74.98 & up

13. Rose Arrangement

Exquisite fresh roses, custom designed with baby's breath, greenery, large bow, and other accents in your choice of colors.

1 dozen roses $59.98 ½ dozen roses $39.98

14. Fresh Flower Arrangement

Assorted seasonal flowers beautifully arranged in a basket, glass bowl, or container of your choice.

Standard $34.98 Large $44.98 Deluxe $64.98 & up

15. Muffin Basket

This wonderfully delicious basket is filled with a tower of large assorted muffins ( blueberry, chocolate chip, cream cheese, apple crunch, banana nut and poppy seed, etc.) individually wrapped in clear cellophane bags, and wrapped to create a scrumptious site for the eyes and mouth! 
(Types of muffins subject to change with availability)

Standard $49.98-12 large muffins and 2 cocoas or coffee Deluxe $74.98-24 muffins and coffee

A mug fit for your occasion creates the base for this tower of 55-60 suckers with dozens of colorful curled ribbons and 3 latex balloons- $34.98 *

16. Childrens Delight Basket

A cute plush animal starts this arrangement.  It is filled with a coloring book, crayons, skittles, snack mix, play doe, chocolates, Oreo Coolies, M&M's, and Gummie Life Savers. (Some items could change upon availability and may also be substiturd upon requet).

Standard $34.98 Large $49.98


Customize your arrangement with any of the following themes: Ballet, Beach, Butterfly, FAMU, Fishing, FSU, Friendship, Gardening, Golf, Sports, Teacher, Romance, Dog/Cat Lover, Lighthouse, Oriental, and many more. 

Balloon decorations for all occassions

Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, School Dances, Proms, Corporate Luncheons, any occassion, any time, almost, anywhere, we can create a festive and memorable event out of balloons!  Add a Balloon Arch over an entrance, Centerpieces for your tables incorporated with flowers even, or a Floating Column to liven the room. 

Come in and view our portfolio and see over 20 years experience at work.  Let our trained Balloon Professionals make your event, an "Event To Remember!"

Our floral designers are here to create beautiful flowers for any occasion, whether a loved one is in the hospital or a birthday wish is in the air, send a beautiful arrangement of flowers, a gorgeous dish garden or a live plant.

We also carry non-alcoholic sparkling cider,  TY Beanie Baby Products, Dillon's Handmade candies, Boyd’s Bears, Kimbearly’s Originals, Blackberry Patch Homemade syrups, jams, and jellies from Thomasville, Rabbit Creek Mixes and numerous other gourmet items for everyone's refined taste or sweet tooth.

Custom baskets always available upon request!

$20.00 minimum for deliveries. A $9.95 delivery fee added for most arrangements within Capital Circle.

$12.00 for nationwide shipping UPS for most arrangements

(Price may change according to destination and arrangement size)

Kathy Brower …Owner since 1984

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206 2nd Street N.E.
Havana, FL 32333

All items and prices subject to change, including arrangement contents.
* These Items Require a Twenty–Four (24) Hour Advance Notice